About The Timeless Wonder

“There is nothing to achieve or to lose, because what is is naturally coherent and perfect. Everything is exactly what it is.”

The message of The Timeless Wonder offers neither support nor help to the apparent seeker. It is neither a philosophy nor a teaching that one can follow. It recognizes neither the need nor the possibility of a personal search. There is neither a seeker nor someone who finds.

In the talks, Andreas points to natural reality, which is no-thing. He has no goal and follows no tradition. What is is the natural reality, which is both love and freedom. It is nothing more than what appears to be happening.

About Andreas

Andreas was born in 1979 in Ludwigsburg in Southern Germany. After becoming as spiritual seeker, he met Tony Parsons in 2009.

“First, I was shocked. Though I had already known and experienced a lot, this was something new and unexpected. Suddenly, for no reason, I heard what Tony was saying, and soon it was undeniable: There is no one.”

Since 2011, Andreas has been holding talks and intensives throughout the world.

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