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May 7th – May12th: OnenessTalks-Intensive in St. Martin Vesubie/France!

Everything is naturally and beautifully itself. By being so, everything is absolutely realized already. However, there is neither someone becoming aware of that nor is there someone arriving in that. There is no liberation. There is no bondage. There are not many. There are not two. There is not even one.

The only thing that wants to live is the illusion of being a separate, living entity. This ‘I’ wants to live in order to find fulfillment. It wants to stay alive because it has the impression that it has not yet fully lived. This illusory ‘I’ lives under the assumption that there is still something to come: fulfillment, liberation, the long-awaited arrival. It wants to experience that all its efforts have been worthwhile. It does not want to die, not yet, because then all its efforts could have been in vain. And, yes, it was and is in vain.

In the talks, Andreas points to the natural reality which is no-thing. Nothing can be reached, because nothing is lost. Nothing has to be discovered, because nothing is hidden.