New dates will be announced.

The live-video-chat can be watched online on or on on Andreas’ page.

In order to ask questions, you can write e-mails to ‘mail(at)thetimelesswonder(dot)com’ or you can participate directly in the chat.

Donation appreciated!


In the Zoom-Online-Talks, Andreas can be asked questions via video, audio and chat. To participate just click the following link and the system should guide you:

Due to the coronavirus situation Andreas offers a number of Zoom-Online-Talks!

Jan. 18 – 21: Zoom-Talk (1pm-2pm/UTC+1)

Jan. 22nd: Zoom-Talk (Engl. with Span. translation)

Jan. 24th: Live-Talk (Engl. with Justin Allen)

Jan. 25 – 28: Zoom-Talk (1pm-2pm/UTC+1)

Jan. 26th: Zoom via (6pm/UTC+1)

Jan. 30 & 31: Zoom-Weekend (1pm & 5:30pm)

Feb. 7th: Zoom-Talk (Engl. with French translation)

March 6/7: Virtual Retreat (via

Please check the website as Andreas may do zoom-talks on short notice.

Donations appreciated!!

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