Online-Talks via is a platform that invites Andreas to host Online-Talks.

Apr. 27th: Talk via (6pm/UTC+2 – using zoom)

Donation appreciated!

Zoom-Online-Talks (all events)

In the Zoom-Online-Talks, Andreas can be asked questions via video, audio and chat. To participate just click the following link and the system should guide you:

Apr. 13th – Apr. 15th: Zoom-Talk (1pm/UTC+2)

Apr. 20th – Apr. 22nd: Zoom-Talks (1pm/UTC+2)

Apr. 27th: Talk via (6pm/UTC+2 – using zoom)

Apr. 29th: Live-Talk with Justin Allen (7pm/UTC+2)

Apr. 30th: Zoom-Talk (7:30pm/UTC+2/con traduccion espanol)

Please check the website as Andreas may do zoom-talks on short notice.

Donations appreciated!!

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